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Immigration Lawyer Robert West

The first step to resolving your immigration issue is to set up a paid consultation with Las Vegas Immigration Attorney Robert West. We have several types of consultations to fit your individual needs.

Initial Appointments In Our Office

For individuals local to the Las Vegas area, we offer an initial appointment for $200.00 in our office. You may set up an appointment over the phone or email and come to our office and meet with the lawyer for up to sixty minutes with Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer Robert West. If we can assist you with our immigration services, the immigration attorney will give you a price quote for the cost of the attorney immigration services. Please pay this fee when you arrive at the office.

Initial Appointments Via Telephone Or Skype

If you are unable to come to our office, we can offer up to a sixty-minute appointment via the telephone or skype. The cost is $200.00. Prior to the appointment, you can email up to three documents for the attorney to review. You must prepay the appointment fee prior to the appointment through PayPal. Also, same day appointments may require prepayment.

Document Review

A document review is to have the lawyer look over documents. The cost can vary between $1,500-$13,000.00 for up to three hours. If you want the lawyer to review the documents to file a family based case, the cost is $3,000.00 If you want the lawyer to review the documents to file an employment based or investor case, the cost is $13,000.00 The reason why the fees seem like nearly the cost of a full case is the liability incurred by the firm can be for the entire case even though attorney representation did not take place. Mr. West will let you know the price prior to the appointment.

After Hours & Weekend Appointments

We do not normally offer appointments over the weekend, holidays, or after hours unless there is an emergency. However, if you need an appointment outside of our normal business hours, the minimum cost is $1,000.00 and it could be higher based on the individual situation. If you have an emergency situation, please let someone know so that we can try to accommodate you. You can expect to pay significantly more for an appointment of this type.

Cancellation /Appointment Policy

If you would like to cancel your appointment you must cancel at least twenty-four hours prior to the appointment time. If you miss your appointment, you will need to prepay for the appointment missed and the next appointment. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Set Up Your Appointment Now

To set up any type of appointment, call our office at (702) 319-5459 during normal business hours after you have made the payment on paypal except for initial appointments in our office. For an initial appointment in our office, call the office and set up the time for the appointment. For any type of appointment that requires prepayment, you can follow the instructions below to pay the fee and then contact us via telephone or email to set up the time for the appointment. For our international visitors, our standard appointments are on Pacific Time.

How To Pay For Phone, Same Day, & Skype Appointments

Please go to Once at the site click on the money button and select pay for goods and services. You will input your email address and my email address and the amount of payment. The amount should be $200.00. for initial and follow up appointments once this is done, then you have paid for your appointment. After that, email or call the office to set up the time of the appointment. For skype appointment, you will contact Immigration lawyer Robert West at robertwestesq.


Effective immediately, all in office appointments require payment by cash, money order, or card. No checks please. If you retain our services, you can pay with cash, card, or money order, and in rare circumstances a check.


Our office offers flat fees for most cases but the flat fees only cover work contemplated and does not include obtaining records etc… If you would like to pay on an hourly basis, we can offer that arrangement at a rate of $800.00 per hour for all types of case sexcept investors. Investor cases are charged at a rate of $1,600 per hour. Flat fees usually cost less but if you want to pay hourly you can do so at the above rate on a 1/6 hour per transaction. All hourly cases require a minimum of ten hours of time, no exceptions. Please ask if you want to engage the firm at our hourly rate. If you decide to stop representation, then your cost will be assessed based on the hourly fee calculation listed above.

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