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Immigration Lawyer Robert West

Making Immigration Law Work For You!

  • By: Robert West
  • Published: March 13, 2020

There has always been a lot of talk about immigration in the media and in politics, and that hasn’t changed. But the laws have changed over the years and will continue to be shaped by the legislators who come and go, taking the reigns of power for a while and then later releasing them to the next batch of lawmakers. But the current state of immigration is such that there are some severe restrictions on H-1B visas for skilled workers, as well as other kinds of visas and green cards alike. And restrictions have often caused a shortage of all kinds of workers, the great minds and hands-on deck that America needs to thrive. And when immigration laws force skilled workers, even those with doctorate degrees and extreme expertise, to leave—research and work suffers—America suffers.

Immigrating to America can sometimes be a complex and lengthy process, and that’s why you need a skilled, seasoned immigration attorney in Las Vegas on your side from the beginning. From the moment you hatch your plan to immigrate to America, or from the moment you discover that a developing immigration issue could possibly force you to leave, you should contact us. We are your immigration attorney in Las Vegas. We’ve walked this road with many clients before you, and we’ll walk it with many clients after you. We specialize in all immigration issues and our skill shows, as proven by our track record of success in the negotiation and handling of critical immigration issues for scores of clients—happy clients.

Green Cards | A Basic Overview

What is a green card? A green card, or Permanent Resident Card as it is known by its official title, is simply a document an immigrant can receive via the Immigration and Nationality Act that stands as proof that the holder has been granted the right to reside permanently in the United States of America.

You obviously can’t have a green card unless you apply for a green card, and in order to apply, you must meet certain requirements. There are eligibility requirements for multiple categories. See the most common categories below.

Green Card Through Employment

This category is rather wide, and it doesn’t just apply to an employer. This green card category includes other opportunities, such as getting a green card through investments, or through a specialized type of job that provides the US with your particular talents that are in need.

Green Card Through Family

Receiving a green card through a family member is certainly the most common, and perhaps the easiest way for one to receive a green card. It’s also an easy way to obtain legal permanent residency if that is your goal.

Green Card As A Special Immigrant

This green card category, under the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) special immigrant program, allows certain individuals to fill out a petition documenting her or his circumstances and then submit the petition to USCIS for approval.

Green Card Through Refugee Or Asylee Status

Obtaining a green card through refugee or asylee status could be an option for those immigrants who have entered the United States as a refugee or asylee. These immigrants can apply for a green card exactly one year after entering the country. Immediate family members of asylees may also apply.

Green Card For Human Trafficking And Crime Victims

Human trafficking and other victims of crime have often been subjected to immense pain and suffering and due to their circumstances may be offered special status. Currently, there are three forms of immigration relief available to victims of human trafficking, and they are as follows: Continued Presence, T visas, and U visas.

Green Card For Victims Of Abuse

Eligibility for a domestic violence green card​ ​is determined by ​the relationship with the abuser. ​In most cases, an individual ​​will be ​eligible to file for a domestic violence green card if ​they’re ​a spouse, parent, or child​ who has a connection to an abuser. Talk to your immigration attorney in Las Vegas to see if your situation applies.

Green Card Through Registry

Registry refers to the immigration law which allows some individuals who have been in the United States since Jan. 1, 1972, the option to apply for a green card even if they are currently residing in the United States unlawfully.

Next Steps | Putting A Plan Into Action!

Once you determine which of the aforementioned categories pertains to your situation, you should consult with your immigration attorney in Las Vegas to discuss your options in detail, to discover any areas or issues that could be problematic, that could potentially get you denied, and keep you from getting your green card. An experienced immigration attorney in Las Vegas can help you assess whether your family members can apply with you, and your attorney can assist you with the application procedure, answer questions, and keep you on track toward your success, regardless of what your immigration issue may be.

Immigration matters are serious. Your immigration status could heavily influence your life and your family’s future. Don’t risk your security. When it’s all on the line you need to ensure your immigration issues will be handled not only swiftly, but thoroughly and accurately. Mistakes during the process could be catastrophic and could put your status in jeopardy. Don’t take that chance; call us today. Call Immigration Lawyer Robert West and hire the best. Attorney West has walked this road before and he’ll walk it again with you. Secure your future, and contact us right away to discuss your immigration issues. We’re your immigration attorney in Las Vegas.

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