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Immigration Lawyer Robert West

If an investor wants to come to the United States from a country with which the United States has a treaty, then they may be able to obtain an E2 visa. This type of visa can usually be obtained pretty quickly but does not allow the investor to obtain permanent residency. Most investors who seek the E2 visa invest $200,000 to $300,000 and hire four or five workers.

One of the main flaws that affect employers is that there will be no way to quickly replace a foreign worker should the need arise. The exception is NAFTA visas for Canadians, which can be obtained within a couple of weeks so long as a Canadian has all of the pertinent information from the company that wants to sponsor them. In contrast, a Mexican national would be required to file a formal petition with USCIS and wait several months.

If Someone Is Granted An EB-5 Green Card, How Long Will It Stay Valid Before They Either Have To Leave The Country Or Apply For Citizenship?

An EB-5 green card is valid for two years before the individual will be required to apply to have the conditions removed and show updated documents on the investment. Once approved, the individual would receive a 10-year green card, which is considered a permanent green card. After five years of conditional or permanent residency, an individual has the option of applying for US citizenship.

Is There A Certain Number Of EB-5 Green Cards That Are Available Each Year?

There is a limited number of EB-5 green cards available each year, but ever since the dollar amounts for investment were raised, they almost never run out. In fact, only about 10 percent of the visas that were granted under the old program are granted under the new program. Of more concern for an individual interested in apply for this type of green card is meeting the net worth requirement for most regional centers. One of the centers that we deal with under the new program requires a net worth value of approximately $2 million.

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